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The Mentor’s Comments about MQ

Mahmood is an extremely dedicated professional who always encourages a thorough participation and is ever ready to help and answer questions. I’m yet to see a person with such an incredible stamina and determination; in fact, Lord has granted him a special battery which never gets discharged.

Prof Dr. Hilt Tatum (US)

Prof Dr. Soofi

Dr. Qureshi with his hard work, dedication and interest has created a new world in Implantology and has proved himself an unmatched, a confident vibrant leader and a dedicated teacher  in the field of Implantology who literally preaches implant dentistry. I would strongly recommend to any one who is interested in learning Implantology, both the beginners as well as the experienced practitioners to attend his courses

Prof Dr M Saeed

The Courses by Dr Mahmood Qureshi are the most comprehensive implant courses and truly a unique learning experience.

Dr. Altamash

Amazing course, I have never thought of such a wonderful course in Implantology in Pakistan. Dr Mahmood Qureshi is so much dedicated in his teaching and surgical programs that I have never seen him getting tired. 

The courses and the presentations by Dr Qureshi are amazing and the surgeries excellent to the highest level of skill and perfection. I had never seen a better implant surgery than the one performed by MQ at the AIDM

Brig Dr. Rafiq Butt

The best thing about the courses presented by Dr Mahmood Qureshi is that he  provides a rare breed of implant education which is devoid of commercial bias and is taught purely on established scientific facts, research and experience

Brig Dr Kabir

“A most wonderful learning experience by a great teacher and master of implantology” – which has given a new lease of life in my profession

Dr. Arshad

A great career and a life changing experience – a must for anyone who wants to learn the practical implantology and develop competence”

Prof Dr Abida

The best aspect of the courses offered by MQ is that he always encourages a thorough participation and that you learn by a dedicated professional who is not only highly knowledgeable and experienced but also kind and ever ready to answer your questions.

Dr Tasneem Fatima

Attending Dr MQ’s course has been a turning point in my professional career and dental education. The course gives a pragmatic and a complete training and covers almost every aspect of this fascinating field of Implantology and you find plenty of opportunities to see extra ordinary surgical procedures and place implants and participate in surgeries ranging from simple to complex to sinus grafts and bone manipulation procedures

Prof. Dr Ambreen Afzal

I highly appreciate the level of course, surgeries and rank the course as one of the best in my life-time. Dr Mahmood Qureshi is definitely a great mentor and a big name in today’s Implantology. He has really changed the concept and has a great impact on the practice and teaching of Implantology all over the world and especially in Pakistan.

Dr. Saeed Jan

A wonderful course for the dental practitioners interested in incorporating implants in their practices. I had no previous experience of implants but by attending Dr Mahmood Qureshi’s course I have learnt a great deal of implant dentistry. Dr MQ’s teaching concepts expose you to outstanding clinical procedures which are exceptional and give confidence in your own practices. The course is run in a very interactive and comfortable atmosphere. I strongly recommend to all those who really are interested and want to learn Implantology to attend his courses. The procedures that I have learnt from him have given me the confidence and ability to perform them at my practice

Dr. Mudassir –Associate Professor

Hello, everyone,  If you want a “Limitless Wealth and Success in Dentistry” which I know you want and deserve then I assure you, you are going to enjoy by joining Dr. MQ’s Implant courses (Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry). This course is not only pretty informative but you’ll find some interesting nuggets and inside secrets of bone manipulation; you won’t find anywhere else in this country. In addition, you will discover the “hidden opportunities” and the hard truth about failures!
Before that, success is already yours. There’s a little bit of tough learning of this innovative field but Dr. Mahmood Qureshi’s lovely presentations, hands-on training, and clinical guidance will take you to those areas where no nerve, no sinus or other vital areas can stop you (taken care of medical precautions) to put an implant screw in there, provided if you’ve worked hard (rather I should say, smartly) and no matter how too little space (both – horizontal and vertical) you have. For an aseptic working you can say 100% sterilization but for Dr. MQ practice, I will assign a new term and that is “Zero Limit”.  You’ll relate your accumulated previous knowledge and find his course information as a precious useful add-on. It’s definitely in the best interest for you, for your valuable clients and a highly predictive practice boost up. For some unknown reasons, I was delayed to enter into the Implant Dentistry field but now I know “the big WHY”. This Gem of a person taught us “preservation, expansion, contouring and has shown how to bring the lost architecture to near natural dimensions”. He does not stop at manipulation of soft and hard tissues but blends the pink and white dentistry to an extremely pleasant aesthetic zone – periodontics’ plastic surgery will be a childish play just after a few sessions and you will be extremely pleased by getting rid of “black triangle” and furcation defects for your clients. Am I speaking too high about him? It is an understatement as he is providing high-level information and his life-long experience, which most people keep in lock with a secured key. But he spreads all his cards on the table. Now it is up to you to pick them up, put to good use, and take the full scoop with utmost satisfaction

Dr Naveed Khalid (UK)

I am a graduate of Manchester university in the UK and have lived and practiced here all my life.I joined the Pakistan Academy of Implant Dentistry’s implant course in Mar 2012. They say that knowledge is power. But in implantology action is the greatest power. Having a grasp of the theory is important but we perfect our skills by putting those principals into practice. There are many implant courses here in the UK which cost upto £10,000 for a 1 year course where the student may not even place 1 implant.  The biggest advantage of this course is ability to place as many implants as you wish to perfect your skills. No amount of practice on models or animal jaws gives you the feeling of placing implants in a live human jaw. Dr Mahmood Qureshi has over 20 years of experience of undertaking implant surgery and has used numerous techniques and systems. The course will allow you to learn from his extensive knowledge and experiences. He is approachable and has a meticulous eye for detail. I can honestly say that I have had fun on this course and enjoyed my experience.

What our patient say


Zeeshan Javeed

I would rank him the best surgeon and dentist in Pakistan. I have been visiting Pakistan on regular basis and Qureshi Clinic standard is even higher compared to Dental clinic standard in Europe and US. Would definitely recommend him.



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