Dental Implants


This is a miracle and a major advance in modern dentistry and the beginning of a new era to permanently restore missing teeth back to full function with natural looks and feeling (without grinding your neighbouring teeth).

When a patient has one or more teeth missing it is possible to rehabilitate the missing teeth in a natural way with the use of implants (artificial teeth inserted in the jaw bone surgically which becomes part of the natural bone in 3 to 5 months).

This is the best solution to replace the natural teeth and the lost smile. The teeth so fixed ore just like the natural ones in appearance and function.

And also it is a ray of hope for those people who cannot tolerate dentures. If you wear full or partial dentures the worries of stability and chewing can now be removed from everyday life, no need to be concerned where, when or what you eat!

Resorption, the shrinking of the jaws causing that aged look, may now not cause concern, implants prevent it.

Imp!ontology is the fastest growing field in dentistry opening up completely new avenues in tooth replacement.


They provide an alternative to a denture that wobbles, clicks or causes pain. There are various methods of using implants to secure or replace dentures. You can enjoy your favourite foods again, and you  can smile and speak with confidence.

If back teeth are missing the usual answer is to wear small removable denture. These can be awkward and many people find them difficult to manage.

An implant can enable your dentist to provide you with fixed teeth.  This will make you feel as if you have your natural teeth back again!  A single tooth may be lost as a result of injury or disease. A tooth can be replaced by an implant with the great advantage that the neighbouring teeth need not be involved.

Now it is possible to treat your dental problems permanently, naturally and with the looks to match.

ARE IMPLANTS SAFE AND HOW LONG WILL THEY LAST ? Implants are made from materials accepted by the tissues of the

body. Present day implants, based on scientific evidence, have shown a very high success rate. Like natural teeth they will last as long as they are well looked after.


Only a minor operation is needed to place an implant. This is usually carried out with local anaesthetic, After the operation most patients report minor discomfort similar to that associated with a simple tooth extraction. This is easily controlled by analgesics.

The presence of an implant helps to keep a natural appearance. Bone surrounds a tooth to give it support. When a tooth is lost that bone is gradually lost too. The earlier an implant is placed, the more bone is saved to maintain a youthful appearance.

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