Crown, Bridge & Veneers

A ‘Basic Crown’ is offered, which is high quality, and has a good fit and appearance, and is relatively inexpensive.

The ‘Ultimate Crown’  offered embodies all the best and latest techniques available anywhere in the world to produce a crown that is of the highest possible standard in every respect. Special impression techniques and Jaw measurements are used. The colour matching is done with great care.

Even the temporary crowns made are barely detectable. The extra time, effort and materials have to be paid for, but the crown will not  only look and feel completely natural, it will outlast conventional  crowns, and is good value in the long term.


BRIDGES are used to replace missing teeth. Usually, the teeth either side of a gap are crowned, but with one or more crowns (according to the number of missing teeth) joined to them to fill the gap. They_ are FIXED in place PERMANENTLY, and no plates or wires are required (unlike a denture).


Just because you have dentures, you need not look as though you have. Dentures of all types, complete or partial, plastic or metal, and with precision attachments if required.


Including headaches, some forms of migraines, pain and clicking of the jaws:

An incorrect bite can cause jaw clicking and pain, a lot of headaches and migraines, and clenching and grinding of the teeth resulting in tender; sometimes loose teeth, and excessive wearing down of the teeth.

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